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... to TrickyBJDfeet, a shoe finding help for dolls with petite or oversized feet. Feet that do not fit into the standard product range of your average doll shop. If you own dolls with tricky feet, buying shoes is pretty much trial and error, unless you stick to company shoes. Who hasn't spent time reading "what fits"-threads, always in the hopes to find information on safe purchases?

But a lot of dolls with tricky feet are actually close in size and they can share shoes without problems-you just need to know about it. And that’s the reason for this project: to minimize the error-part.

What you will find on TrickyBJDFeet

We work on providing you with:

  • foot size comparison charts for tricky-feet dolls
  • verified shoe sharing options
  • links to shops targeted to the sizes
  • reference picture links

If the fields are still empty, it doesn't mean there are no shoe sharing options, it just means we don't know about them. Or have no proof the information we found online is reliable. But just seeing the sizes that are close next to each other might help to decide what to try.

We hope you will find the project to be helpful and provide us with information, feedback and reference pictures.

How to suggest edits or add data

For general feedback please just leave a comment.
If you want to suggest an addition to the list, please read the requirements for entries and the contribution rules first.
The basic data sheets were created using google docs. You'll find a suggest edit link on each page that will direct you to the original google doc. Please don't suggest dolls that can wear standard shoes just because you can't find shoes you like. If you are just looking for shop recommendations please ask in the specific doll thread on DOA first.
See google help to learn how to suggest edits.


Who we are

This is a project started in August 2017 by ResinRapture. It soon became apparent that it would be quite a bit of work, and I asked my lovely co-blogger Balljointedwoman (owner of a large collection of mini dolls) if she would like to join in and help. I am very grateful for the time and effort she spent on this project.
A special thanks goes to Musume, who added the results of the mini heel shoe research she did for her blog MyDollyAdventures.

If you want to know more about us or our dolls, please visit our blogs.

Mia / ResinRapture

Balljointedwoman / AsTheResinWorldTurns

About this project

I have mostly Iplehouse dolls and know how hard it is to find shoes for them. There are a couple of threads on DenOfAngels (DOA), but it takes a lot of time to read them all and find the information you want. That's why I thought it would be helpful to create a chat-free database for tricky BJD feet, and this is the result.

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