Tiny doll feet

The TrickyFeet Tiny section looks a bit different. There are so many sizes in "tiny", and so many shoes for tiny and tiniest feet, that it doesn't really make sense to list all the different dolls. Most of the YOSD sized BJD can be easily shoed from the standard range of availiable shoes.

Most tiny dolls don't have heel feet or different sizes for girls and boys. And if they have heel feet, there are so many non-BJD sources to choose from, that it is not really that tricky to find shoes if you know your doll's foot size. So I decided to just offer shop links to shops with a large selection of tiny shoes for now. Some of the shops offer detailed information regarding the dolls the size fits, like Releaserain e.g.

If you think there are tiny feet dolls that are as tricky as their large relatives or if you like to contribute previous research on the matter, please leave a comment or contact us.

There was a magazine called tinyfeet dedicated to the miniature feet, but it seems to be offline. I don't know if they are planning to be back, maybe it's just temporarily.

Other doll shoes that might fit tiny feet

Shoe alternatives that might fit BJD in the size range

2-2.2 cm Obitsu21-27, Blythe, Jenny, Licca chan
2.5-3 cm Kish Riley, Pullip
3-3.5 cm Heather Maciak dolls, Lexie & Jenny
3.5-4 cm Kish Bethany, Bluette
4-4.7 cm Helen Kish, Taeyang, Tonner Matt, Tonner Anne Estelle, 13"Diana Effner

Tiny doll shoe shop links

Releaserain tiny BJD shoes, Tonner shoes, other doll shoes and item descriptions naming the dolls that fit into the shoes.

Mimiwoo YOSD, Lati, Pukifee, Blythe, Obitsu..., a lot of sizes between 4 and 2 cm

Coolcat website / Coolcat etsy Blythe, Pullip, Taeyang

Parabox Obitsu shoes

Boneka lists classic look doll shoes categorized by size in mm and the type of doll they're made for (which is a good way to find out which non-BJD shoes might fit). This shop is targeted to collectors of classic dolls.

Happydollfamily (etsy) Blythe, DALm Pullip,Momoko, AZONE, Lati yellow, Pukifee

Customizing services that offer making shoes to order
If you are offering to make shoes to order in any size, we either need a shop link to Etsy with customer feedback, or a feedback thread on DOA.
If you want to offer your services or link your shop, please fill in the form.

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