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The TrickyBJDFeet workshop - shoesie misc

The TrickyFeet workshop is a collection of interesting links about BJD shoes in general. A place to share your tutorials, shoe review videos or blog posts about BJD-shoes that are not in any tricky category, but interesting nonetheless.

Blog posts about shoes, reviews and tutorials

A lot of interesting info is already out there. Doll lovers have researched shoes for specific dolls, shared general info or created review videos. Help us to collect all that info in one place and share your general shoesie links with Tricky Feet, too. If it's not about tricky feet but BJD shoes in general, please post the links using this form.

Customizing services offering shoes made to order

Are you looking for someone who can make shoes for your doll?
Regular shops with tricky feet shoes can be found on the pages for the specific size. But maybe there's nothing for your doll, or nothing you like. We hope to gather all the skilled shoe makers here.


Username DOA/Etsyshop: Musume (DoA) / Musume & Okasan (Shop)
Customer feedback: DOA / Etsy
Shoe pictures: Flickr
Shipping restrictions: Registered airmail with tracking number only
Payment: Paypal only

Size restrictions: None
Material/Techniques: Crochet/Knit
Heels and/or Flat: Flat only
Usual processing time: 1~3 weeks
Required info from customer: Foot measurements, color, model/reference

Contribute links to shops or customizing services making shoes to order
If you are offering to make shoes to order in any size, we either need a shop link to Etsy with customer feedback, or a feedback thread on DOA. If you want to offer your services or link your shop, please fill in the form.

TrickyBJDFeet hopes to inspire

This project just started, and it will take a while to see if there is any interest in contributing to the data base or discussing the matter of tricky feet shoes. But TrickyFeet would love to inspire shoe sharing meet ups. Owners of dolls with feet close in size could use the TrickyFeet discussion to connect and organize meet ups. Wouldn't it be fun to bring the doll and a couple of company shoes and see who can wear what, take notes and pictures and share the results?

Another way to test options would be a shoe-testing swap by mail. Connect, agree on a safety deposit in case the shoes are not returned to you and exchange shoes by mailing them.

Maybe we'll end up with a data base that makes our doll's feet not so tricky after all.

Organize a TrickyFeet shoe swap to test shoe sharing options...

If you have a pile of shoes from different companies and owners it gets confusing. Even if you just exchange shoes with a friend by mail this is an easy way to help identify them.

I have hosted toddler shoe swaps before, and a variation of the system should work just fine for BJD shoes as well. The host starts with labeling their own shoes for the swap. Each pair gets a number and an owner's name tag. The number and some additional information like size, brand and shoe shop is added to a list. (You can find a list Template here). Once the list is filled in, it's mailed to the next participant, who marks their shoes consecutively numbered and adds them to the list accordingly. Once every participant filled in their shoes, the list goes back to the host. At a shoe swap meeting everybody gets print outs and can take notes which shoes fit their dolls. And if they find a pair that fits, they just need to take a look at the list to know what to order. And of course we hope you take pictures of the fitting shoes and share all your testing results with TrickyBJDFeet :-).

If you are taking pictures of a doll wearing shoes that do not belong to you, you might want to add a post-it with the number somewhere in the picture. Else you might not remember which shoes are in the picture. It's an easy way to keep track of shoes, fits and owners.

Once the meeting is over, the complete list of shoes is postet in a meetup thread where every one can add their notes, and hopefully add tested shoe sharing options to TrickyBJDFeet.

A lot of the information on this blog would not have been possible without you. Thank you to all the members of the doll community who measured feet, took pictures and shared information!

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