Large Men

Large Men

Shoe finding help for male dolls with tricky feet. Feet that are too wide or large to fit well into the standard shoe size SD/70.

Requirements: Shoes must go on and come off without using force.
Shops known to offer…

… tricky feet shoes for SD/70+ sized male dolls
Rrabit (Iplehouse SID, SSDF, IOS, Souldoll)
Freedom Teller (HID, EID, SID and similar sizes)
Dollmore (Modeldoll M)
Blueblooddoll (HID, EID, SID and similar sizes)
ACbjd sneakers (SID, Souldoll)
M-Style (SID, IOS, Dollshe18M, Souldoll)

* If you are not sure about measurements of shoes within the standard range of shoes, it might be helpful to check on 2079Realms
At least for the large shoes the inner length and width measurements are listed.

*Even if the foot measurements are the same or close and a shoe should fit, instep or ankle width might differ and it still doesn’t fit. (Loafers, pointy tips and boots without lace up.)

Company Doll size Foot size Shoe sharing with
usually unproblematic with shoes for: Brand, doll size
*not necessarily vice versa!
L (cm) W (cm)
IOS Class80 8,5 3,5 Souldoll Zenith, Iplehouse SID
Iplehouse SID 9,2 3,8 Souldoll Tera Zenith, SSDF, Dollmore ModelM
Souldoll Tera Zenith 75 9,1 4 Iplehouse EID
Souldoll Zenith 9 3,8 Iplehouse SID, Dollmore ModelM, SSDF
Impldoll Idol FGB 9,4 3,5  
Luts SSDF 9,5 3,5  
IplehouseEID HID 10,2 4,2  
Dollshe 24M Classic 10,8 4,2  
Dollshe 26M Classic 10,5 3,7  
Dollshe 18M Classic 10 3,8 Iplehouse EID
Soom Idealian 72 9,5 4,5 Iplehouse EID
Mirodoll 60cm male 9 3,5 SSDF

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