Mini Girls

Mini girls

Shoe finding help for female mini dolls with tricky feet. Feet that are too narrow or small to fit well into the standard shoe size MSD.

FLAT feet only!
Requirements: Shoes need to fit flat feet, doll needs to be able to stand in them.
For boots: slightly too large is ok, but needs to look  ok in proportion.
Boots don’t fall off if they’re too wide and long, but that’s not a fitting boot.
Heeled feet only!
Requirements: Heeled feet necessary.
Shoe sharing criteria: Arch and height need to fit as well, doll needs to be able to stand!
For boots: slightly too large is ok, but needs to look ok in proportion.
Shops known to offer…

… tricky feet flat shoes for MSD sized dolls
Boneka (Iplehouse JID, MYou, 14”Kish and similar)
Summomo (Minifee A&Moe, Iplehouse, Myou and similar)
Nymphodisiac (Minifee Moe boots)
Deb’s adorables (USA shipping only) Kish 14”
Sweettiger (Minifee Moe, Slim Mini)
DollsSymphony (Tender Creations, Popovy)
Serenade doll boots fit feet up to 2.2cm x 5,5cm

...Tricky feet heel shoes for MSD sized dolls
Paul Zhangby (Raccoon Heels)
SartoriaJ (Iplehouse FID heels)
Facets by Marcia (Dollshe 26F, Narae, FID)
he-meife (FID men & girls)

Non BJD-Shoe source:
Helen Kish 14” flats fit most feet with length 5-5.5cm.

*Tonner 22" fashion doll heels can fit MNF, FID and Withdoll, but not all. Please see blog reference post Tonner shoes for Withdoll/JID. Tonner Matt boots fit most well, might be large on Fashiondoll type and Minifee M. Evangeline Ghastly resin and Cissy heels can fit Dollshe 26 F, Narae and FID.
** FID have heel feet (included) and High heel feet (extra doll parts). Tonner American Model shoes fit those better, but it depends on the seller.

DIY: Pattern for JID girl shoes

Company Doll size Foot size Flat shoe sharing with
usually unproblematic with shoes for: Brand, doll size
*not necessarily vice versa!
Heel size Heel shoe sharing with
usually unproblematic with shoes for: Brand, doll size
*Heel feet are usually the same size as flat feet (*LF)
L (cm) W (cm) L (cm) W (cm)
IplehouseJID girl 5,32,2 Kish 14, MNF LF* LF* 
FairylandMinifee A line 5,52 Iple JID, Kish 14, SerenadeLF* LF* Withdoll, Tonner 22" Fashion doll*
FairylandMinifee Moe 4,52  LF* LF* 
Myou45 cm girl 5,52,1 Iple JID, Kish 14 No heel feet  
Loong Soul Bud girl 5,2 2,1 Kish 14 LF* LF*  
AL(term.) Unoa girl 5,4 2,3 Kish 14 LF* LF*  
Withdoll Withdoll 41 5,5 2 JID, MNF A, Kish 14, Narae LF* LF* Minifee A
Dollits DKD girl 43 5,1 2   LF* LF*  
Luts Model Delf 5,5 2,1 MNF, Withdoll, Kish 14 LF* LF*  
Creaturedoll 45 girl 5,5 2,3 Kish 14 4,2 2 Luts Model Delf
Bimong Narae40 5,5 2   LF* LF*  
Doll Leaves 42 girl 5,1 2 Serenade      
Fashion doll type minis
Iplehouse FID woman 5,3 2 JID girl LF* LF* Two heel feet versions, see **
Raccoon 45 cm Woman 4,7 2   4,7 2 MNF A
Dollshe Dollshe 26 F 5,3 1,9 MNF, JID LF* LF*  

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