Jul 21, 2018

Serenade doll boots fit a couple of mini girls

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TrickyBJDFeet Updates
We will be posting pending suggestions here and hope that the dolly community will be able to help with the missing data or reference pictures.
New additions to TrickyBJDFeet
Lillian added the Doll Leaves 42 girl and found a new source for flat feet boots up to 2x5.5cm foot size: Serenade doll boots. They are SD girl boots, but Serenade dolls have very slim legs and small feet. Thank you for the suggestion, Lillian

Any shoe reference pictures to share?
If you can help with pictures, please take a second to read how to share picture links to TrickyBJDFeet and tag them for this project on Flickr. We'd love to link your shoe pictures, if you found shoes for your doll with difficult feet and have pictures of them.
Thanks for contributing!

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